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Can’t get a Loan Mod? Can’t stop Foreclosure?
Owe More than Property Value? Underwater?
Don’t let Foreclosure Damage Your Credit!
Take Cash and Run ScotFree!


We Will Help You FREE*:

  • Get $10,000+ Cash Quick to Walk Away without fighting
  • Start a Short Sale to try for more, after a wait
  • Or Fight! – Call Jim at (562)867-3230

Better than Short Sale
A Short Sale doesn’t get you much cash
There are other ways to save your home.
Call Jim for an Appointment to Explain How (562)867-3230

Don’t let them Foreclose and put you on the street with ruined credit – Call Us NOW!

*Call Jim for an Appointment to Explain How (562)867-3230
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Disclaimer: We are not loan modification consultants, we are not debt collectors, not foreclosure consultants or lawyers, and we do not give legal advice.
(1) If you choose to take cash to walk away, we simply put you in contact with a private investor.
(2) If you choose Short Sale, we will suggest some local brokers.
(3) If you choose to fight, we will help you understand your options and suggest some lawyers that understand Securitization Fraud and other Lender Wrongdoing.

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